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Advantages of On-Campus Photography & DSLR Filmmaking Learning

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Have you ever pondered about what the benefits of a full-time, on-campus school are? Why not just choose an online education portal? Well, to the aspiring professional photographer or digital-filmmaker, this is one of the most pertinent questions to be asked.

Both Photography and DSLR Filmmaking are creative art forms that require aptitude, passion, and a whole lot of professionalism. Online resources are certainly bountiful – blogs, videos and tutorials do help accelerate your learning curve immensely.

But if you‘re looking to establish yourself as a professional commercial photographer and/or a digital filmmaker, there are some clear nuances and advantages of having an on-campus education; at the right institution, of course.

The One School Goa has just the right blend of elements that help groom you into a market-ready professional. It begins by imbibing the discipline and work ethics that transform you into an individual capable of thinking independently and creatively. You should be able to create your own individual style that will help you stand a cut above the rest.

Hands-On Mentoring

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”— Steven Spielberg

Creativity is not an accident, it is a process. As the very famous and influential artist, Vincent van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  Our experiential learning methodology is anchored on our credo ‘We don’t teach, we let you learn’ to make you into a ‘creative’ person with a purpose.

The hands-on mentoring encourages you the freedom to express and develop your individual style which will help you create a distinctive identity. Mentorship is not about pushing theories down your throat but nudging you in the right direction. It’s is this very principle that will help you evolve your own vision and thought process.

 Our robust feedback mechanism ensures a committed student a steady upward learning curve.

Camera, Photography, Photo, Photoshoot, shooting

Chief Mentor Shantanu Sheorey in action

Mentoring helps you discover and harness your unknown potential

Mentoring is not always serious!

Diverse Visiting Faculties

We regularly invite established globally acclaimed professionals from diverse fields (photographers, filmmakers, artists, architects, fashion designers, business entrepreneurs…) to interact with our students. We believe that the variety helps students hone their creative and enterprise acumen. It is here that formulas for success and inspiration are formed.

Prof Anna Fox, Professor of Photography, UCA, Farnham, UK

British Magnum Photographer Martin Parr on the campus

London based visual artist Ryan Hopkinson making a point at The One Fest Goa – International Photo Festival

Live Projects

Assignments & Projects are simulated to create a real business environment. Students learn the creative and business dynamics that are involved when dealing with actual clients. Creating and presenting creative concepts to a client, and then having them critiqued, is what allows students to refine the process for utmost success. This prepares them to transition directly into the market, without having to work as an apprentice after graduation.

Pic 1: Client brief the students. Pic 2: Students presenting the campaign to the client.

Jury Based Evaluation

A professionally printed portfolio book is evaluated by internal and external jurors. The external jurors are practising industry professionals who do a one-on-one review and offer career advice based on the student’s focus area. Students pass out with specialisation in two genres.

External Jurors Sudhir Ramachandran, a visual strategist and ace photographer along with Gursimran Singh, an accomplished Video content creator in a discussion with a student. 

Jurors, Ace photographers Dinesh Khanna and Mahesh Bhatt along with the faculties are seen reviewing students film.

Students with their final portfolio await their turn with the jury

Work and Business Ethics 

The creative business ecosystem is fraught with complex dynamics and ethical principles that are vital to being a successful professional. Meeting deadlines and honouring professional commitments, creating realistic project outlines, managing a smooth digital workflow for high efficiency, or something as simple as maintaining your equipment and gear; all essential knowledge that is gathered and developed through practice and exposure. Principles we imbibe and promote here at The One School Goa.

The Spin-off:

When work is fun, it is no more work!

The One School Goa, campus-based education encourages students to thoroughly enjoy what they learn. We try to ensure that only those who are passionate and serious about making it professionally join us. This helps students bond with other like-minded individuals and create a strong professional network that will bid them well in their future career paths. From our experience, many of our students have already become collaborative business partners after completing their courses.

Opportunities to bond among your batchmates and seniors help your professional growth

Infrastructure and Facilities 

You won’t need to invest in high-end, expensive gear initially. You’ve got the best and most up-to-date equipment right at your fingertips. Here at The One School Goa, you will have access to our state-of-the-art Mac labs, which are equipped with the latest and most progressive software. You’ll even have access to high-end, professional studio equipment and industry-grade printers. Student gets hands-on experience to work with industry-standard lighting equipment and light shaping tools for video and stills. Students can view and review work on colour calibrated monitors which teach them the importance of colour and space gamut important to understand the output for online and print media. The best part of it is that you’ll be guided by our experienced faculty on how to use these facilities proficiently and creatively, and unleash your full potential. Once you’ve had your fill of practice, and you’ve developed confidence and familiarity with the equipment, taking on future professional projects will be handled with ease.

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