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‘Architecture’ by 1st Year Students of 3 Year Program 2018-2021

This shoot was done by the students of 1st year of the 3-year program as part of their Architecture assignment, at an old Portuguese house now restored to become Villa Felicidade, by Studio Momo

Studio Momo is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in luxury villas and the restoration of Indo-Portuguese houses in Goa. They are environmentally sustainable in their approach and are guided by the Japanese philosophy, Wabi-Sabi, which believes in appreciating beauty in imperfection.

Understanding the clients need and being able to capture the essence of the client’s philosophy while shooting this assignment was the challenge of the assignment.

Nester Fernandes

Calan Dsouza

Kishan Poojari

Sumedh Naik

Ritaban Biswas

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