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‘Back to the 70’s’ by Akanksha Narang

Akanksha Narang, a student from the 3rd year of The One School Goa 3 year Integrated Photography Program documents the love for Vintage cars amongst various age groups in Goa. To see more of Akanksha’s work follow her on Instagram @iakankshaa

The popular adage ‘Old is Gold’ holds true for a group of Goan Vintage and Classic car enthusiasts. While there are many families that have such old cars gathering dust at home, a new trend has emerged, where cutting across Goa and age groups, owners are getting together on Sundays to take these age-old beauties for a spin. These Goans take a trip down the memory lane overtime, as they drive these vintage prized possessions and their journeys are filled with nostalgia, camaraderie and a sense of adventure. And of course, while grabbing a lot of attention from the onlookers!

Mr. Lincoln & Sonia Coutinho with their Volkswagen Beetle which was a gift to the wife on Valentine’s Day.

The Morris Minor - A celebrity on the Madgaon Roads

Mr. Dheep Caldeira poses proudly with his Morris Mini

Mr. Ryan Braganca has a fantastic collection of Vintage cars, perhaps boasting of the most in Goa. Here you can see him with the 1950 Hindustan 14.

Mr. & Mrs. Barbosa with their classic Volkswagen Notchback. Mrs. Barbosa is also proudly the only female driver in the car rally

The Triumph Spitfire owned by Mr. Denzil Sequeira has to be the showstopper car!

Mr. Lindberg Quadros with his Morris Minor.

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