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Beverage Shoot by Rodin Rahman

Rodin Rahman, a student from the 3rd year of The One School Goa 3 year Integrated Photography Program collaborates with renown bartender Evgenya Prazdnik to produce stunning images of her signature cocktails at Gunpowder, Goa.

Follow Rodin @rodinrahmanphotographer on Instagram and Evganya @ambrosia666

Spiced pumpkin fizz (aged rum, pumpkin puree, lime juice, ginger, ginger ale)

Tamarind-chilly margarita (tamarind infused tequila, chilly-honey, lime, salt-sumac crust)

Singleton signature serve

New York sour (bourbon, gum lemon, easy foam, tempranillo)

Goan mule (turmeric vodka, kumquat cordial, ginger, lemon and ginger foam)

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