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Fashion Stories ‘Worlds of Wonder’

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Fashion is now all pervasive. You make a fashion statement with anything and everything you do. So here we have a fun activity with a splash of fashion.

This advertisement was a paid project undertaken by the students of The One School Goa for ‘Worlds of Wonder’ a client based in Noida. The students worked together as a team from scratch, going through the entire process which included taking and comprehending the clients brief, scripting, storyboarding as well. They had to do a recce of the location to determine the best time to shoot, the camera placement and other logistics. They got to understand and grasp the various concepts used in project management under the guidance, mentorship and direction of Shantanu Sheorey all through the production and post-production stage.

The entire post-production of the ad. film was done on The One School Goa Campus.

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