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Learning The Art Of Visual Storytelling – Your Road To Success

Photographs by our student Malavika Shekhar, who is pursuing her 1 Year Professional Photography Course was published recently on PhotoVogue an online photography platform, part of Vogue Italia. We take pride in her early milestone. Photography is now just about clicking, it is about being able to communicate with the audience, a form of a visual story. As you look at the images by Malavika check out her comments on its making.

I proclaim my becoming: In this image, I intended to bring out the process of self-discovery, slowly, revealing only a part of the face, so as to show that the person here is discovering herself in a steady, gradual manner.

*Cover Image People and dreams: The picture I created here throws light on how simple and sorted people seem on the outside, and on the inside are beautiful, dynamic and powerful desires that they hold. Desires that define them, desires that outsiders are unaware of.

In anticipation: From 6 in the morning, the shores of a village in Alappuzha, Kerala, are flooded with fish sellers waiting for the new stock of fish to arrive. The birds on these wooden poles are standing in a similar fashion, representing the essence of anticipation.

And now back to our post on visual storytelling.

We all love stories, to tell them, to hear them, most of all to see them.

You would have noticed that even as we narrate our stories orally or through writing a visual image forms in our mind before being translated into words. So, this concludes that we are all visual people.

The One School Goa is amongst India’s top photography and DSLR filmmaking Institute in India. We believe that a photographer who can consistently tell a WHOLE story in 10 frames is good, in 5 frames is better, in 3 frames is best and in each and every frame is a master. Mastering the art of visual storytelling is one of the main tenets of the learning process adopted by The One School Goa and is a compulsory subject in the 3 Year Integrated Photography Program and the 1 Year Professional Photography Program. These are among the best photography courses in India. Students are thought fashion photography, still-life photography, architecture and interior photography, people and portrait photography, street and lifestyle photography, fine-art photography, food photography and wedding photography becomes a natural extension as it includes fashion, glamour, people, lifestyle, architecture, interior, food etc narrated as a visual story.

For a photographer, the art of visual storytelling is not so much about the gear or the technical specs it is about the framing that takes place in the screen of the mind. It is about ‘awareness’, can he see a story happening in the background, the foreground or maybe inch of a nudge to the left or right of the viewfinder. It is about the culmination of the knowledge and past experience that works subconsciously while being ‘in-the-moment’.

Someone very famously said “I really admire visual storytelling that shows you what’s happening, instead of tells you what’s happening”, in other words, your photograph shows what’s happening – the drama just unfolds in the viewer’s mind.

Make visual storytelling your forte – the differentiator.

*More about PhotoVogue Italia:

PhotoVogue is an online photography platform. Launched in 2011 and part of Vogue Italia – which is owned by Condé Nast Italia – it allows upcoming photographers to showcase their work. It also gives them the chance to have their photos published in Vogue or be picked by photography agencies. Each picture that’s submitted is carefully reviewed by Vogue Italia’s editorial staff, who ensure only the highest quality images appear online.

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