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Live Project: Working With Clients

The students from the second year of the 3 Year Professional Photography Program worked with clients to produce advertising stills and social media content. The clients, Manreet, co-founder of Manifest Design; Thomas, founder of the ceramic design company Banana Pottery; Poonam, designer and owner at Kalakar, Varun from Gouri’s Goodies and Rhea, co-founder of Iwas gave their briefs to all the students.

Thereafter the students developed and presented their ideas to various clients. Each client selected 3-4 students from the batch and worked with them to develop the concept and produce the body of work. (Top pic by Prithviraj Patil)

Client Briefing followed by interaction with the students.

Pranav Deo

Prajwal Nagaraj / Samuel Silva

Pramit Rao

Simran Babani / Aishwarya

Nikhil Mehra / Harsh Naidu

Vedant Acaharya

Presentation by students and feedback by the clients.

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