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‘Lost in Time’ Visual Story by Ankit Behra

Ankit, a student from the 2nd year of The One School Goa 3 year Integrated Photography Program produced a body of work on Post Boxes in Goa during his 4th semester for a Visual Storytelling assignment.

‘Lost in time’ is a series of photographs of Post Boxes where Ankit shows, how they have become invisible to us. We have stopped using the mainstream postal service in recent times. These post boxes are there but are never seen and the new generation is not even aware of it.

To see more of Ankit Behera’s work follow him on Instagram @nomad_artist_

Santo Estevam 403106 | Chorao 403102

Arady Parra 403519

Carona 403523

Mapusa 403507

Piedade 403403 | Chorao 403102

Porvorim 403501

Marcel 403107 | Reis Magos 403114

Reis Magos 403114

Banastarim 403107 | Saligao 403511

Panaji 403001

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