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‘Metamorphosis’ by Mehak Singhal

Mehak Singhal, a student from the 3rd year of The One School Goa’s 3 Year Integrated Photography Program produced a body of work on Fashion Photography for her 5th Semester for her Portraiture Assignment.

“This series was inspired by the fragility of the movement of fabrics and how they take different forms when in contact with an external force, which in this case, is wind. I wanted to explore the idea of how human beings function in a

very similar way and change their behaviour to fit someone else’s. Fabric can be erratic and change their own chemistry, much like human beings. This idea arose from an afternoon spent observing cloth in a local market. I was intrigued by the figures they transformed into and wanted to expand on the

concept.” ~ Mehak Singhal

To see more of Mehak Singhal’s work follow her on Instagram @mehak_singhal

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