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‘San Jacinto’ by Ganesh Mahajan

Ganesh Mahajan is alumni from the first batch of the 3 Year Integrated Photography Program of The One School Goa. He produced this beautiful photo document of a little known island in Goa as part of this visual story assignment. He backed his work with some interesting research which is reproduced below. Ganesh now works as an integral team member of a professional unit formed by like-minded classmates after they graduated. (Instagram @gnash7195)

‘The sunny shores of Goa attract tourists from all over the world. Warm beaches, beautiful music and great food are tourist magnets. Tourism provides revenue but also has an environmental impact from the shacks that come up on the beaches. They do not adhere to any environmental norms and litter the ground that they stand on rather badly.

As tourists alight out of the plane and drives south, they pass by a beautiful island on their left, which is rather free from the tourism-related pollution – San Jacinto. The island is blessed by the beautiful seascapes and great coral reefs.

The tides of the sea change the landscape dramatically and enhance the beauty of the place. Shores of the island provide shellfish, crab and thus good livelihood to the local fisherwomen. The new church with its brilliant white walls has a commanding presence.

There are very few houses in Jacinto but they are all beautifully decorated and painted in bright colours. The beautiful old church built in Portuguese times has an abandoned lighthouse for company. Both these monuments are in an elevated area with wonderful views of the island and the bay.

The area of the island is about 1 And just about 100 people live there. The residents have a self-imposed ‘Special Status’ to safeguard their island for posterity that the entire community has unanimously agreed on one principle: If you happen to be a non-Goan or even Goan not hailing from St Jacinto Island, you will not be allowed to buy property on the island’.

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