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Student Stories: Fashion – Part I

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

At The One School Goa, Visual Storytelling is at the core of its unique learning pedagogy. Be it still-life, food, interiors or architecture, portrait, glamour or fashion they all leave the most impact when they have a strong narrative.

Fashion Story is an integral part of the curriculum for all fashion students. The students are told to come up with a story and convey it through fashion photography. They can be as literal, or creative as they like.

The story in this piece goes like this, our student Siddhanth is inspired by the work of legends like Guy Bourdin, Irving Penn, Lillian Bassman, Sarah Moon, Mario Testino … He decides to re-interpret their work.

Siddhanth Sheorey teamed up with designer Miriam Strehlau and used pieces from her collection in a variety of ways to create his story.

This project gives the students the freedom to experiment while ensuring that a single element binds the finished work. An observer should be able to see a common thread that runs through the visual story.

Siddhanth took one aspect from each of these legends and used lighting techniques, and post-production to try and match them, while still maintaining some of his own aesthetic.

Through this project students learns the process and importance of production planning right from pre-production to retouching and Finishing. This is how Siddhant summed up his experience while working on this project “This project showed me how important planning out every small step of the shoot is, from meeting the stylist and designer to plan outfits, making sure you reach the location at the correct time, so your light is perfect and you’re not over stretching your team. And having the time to work through all your images in post-production”

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