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The future is for content creators

TOSG has been at the forefront of creative education in India for a decade now. TOSG firmly believed that the potential of education can only be reached through creativity.

As Sir Ken Robinson, the British author, speaker and international advisor on education said “Creativity is as important as literacy” TOSG also firmly believes that the potential of education can only be reached through creativity and that education should include a set of skills that will cover all the bases you require now and in the future.

Why do you need a ‘set of skills’ more than before?

When the dot com was created nobody envisaged the effect of this technological disruption and the type of careers that would stem from it, nor was it foreseen when social media was born out of the dot com. Ever since then the world has been moving faster and faster. The pace of technological progress has sped up exponentially as a result the world is moving faster with a lot of careers being reinvented and many new ones created. We do not even know of the many new careers that will replace the present ones in the next 5 to 10 years horizon. While you may not be able to study or learn for those unknown careers you can surely arm yourself with a set of skills that will help you stay prepared for such an eventuality.

Why you should enrol for the TOSG Content Creation Program?

When you join the TOSG Content Creation Program, you don't just pick a career, you also arm yourself with a set of skills (notice, we don’t say skill-set). This will not just help you to ‘Stand Out’ in the crowd but also equip you to navigate or move from one creative field to the ones that exist or will be created in the future.

TOSG Content Creation Program has masterfully integrated the core practices of photography, and filmmaking along with design and business practices that allows you to hone your latent creative talent to its fullest potential.

Today, we live in an era of excessive generation and consumption of digital content in every field be it entertainment, literature, science, engineering, medicine or research. This information overload has led to cognitive dissonance or cacophony affecting understanding and decision-making. The need for curated and precise content is felt by both individuals and businesses. The is a rise in demand for content that not just entertains but also helps achieve commerce and business goals. In other words the need for creative content that is supported by visuals both fixed and moving images. The global demand for master content creators is rising exponentially. The future is for content creators.

Consider this, right at this moment, we are witnessing a boom of visual content unlike ever before. With platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, and Instagram demanding new and unique material every day, and the canvas just keeps getting bigger and with virtual and augmented reality production becoming more accessible and acceptable the need to be equipped with the right creative mind- space and set of skills has never been more important.

Are you ready to build your set of skills and be ready to take on the careers of the future?

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